Diane Joanne Schuur, or better known as “Deedles” is an American, jazz singer, and pianist. As of 2015, she had released 23 albums, and had extended her jazz repertoire to include essences of latin, gospel, pop and country music. Diane’s most successful album would remain the number one on the Billboard jazz charts for 33 weeks she won Grammy awards for best female jazz vocal performance in both 1986 and 1987 and has had three other Grammy nominations. Some venues for which she has performed at include the White House, the Kennedy Center, and Carnegie Hall. She has performed with many artists including Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Stevie wonder, and Quincy Jones.

What many people do not know about Schuur is that she has been blind from birth due to retinopathy of prematurity but has been gifted with absolute pitch memory and clear vocal tone. She performed on many TV shows such as a popular television show called sesame street where she was a guest performer.

Diane was born in Tacoma, Washington where she would weigh less than 3 pounds and would suffer complications of prematurity which would result in her vision loss, her twin brother had normal vision but lost some hearing. Diane was very talented, she would listen and try to make note of the piano. She would teach herself at a very early age to play the piano and would memorize the keys as to their placement. She frequently played the piano and performed and even recorded some sessions, she did many public performances when she was about 10 years old that would lead her into performing through out school and at venues in Tacoma.

She would be discovered at the age of 22 when she auditioned as a drummer for Ed Shaughnessy. She began singing at a concert in Seattle with bandleader Doc Severinses. People had never heard anyone sing blues like she did that night, the Monterey Jazz Festival continued and her story began.

In 1981, Schuur would record her first album, Pilot of my Destiny in Seattle on an independent label, Great American Records. Diane would receive many phone calls after her performance at the White House after she was invited by Nancy Reagan herself. She would sign with GRP label and would be guided through her first three albums. Her album, Schuur Thing, would make 1985 her year as she would reach number 10 on the Billboard Jazz charts. In 1988 she would receive a phone call from Frank Sinatra asking her to sing at a benefit concert in Palm Springs. She would attend and fill in for Liza Minnelli who would be unable to perform. She would take her unique singing style and channel it into her career of crossing many genres and creating a unique listening style.

Till now, Diane has traveled all across the United States and the world. She has crossed into recording her first country album in 2011 all the while still maintaining her unique style of singing. She has continued being a repeat guest on The Tonight Show and as of 2016 and 2017 she has booked dates to perform in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rome, Guanajuato and many more cities all around the globe.

André has had the blessed opportunity to work closely with Diane Schuur. He could not express more joy and thankfulness to have had opened for her at a sold out show at the Pantages Theatre in Tacoma, Washington. Having worked with other Grammy award winning artists, André still finds Diane to have been the most unique one to have worked with and opened for. Her soft and smooth voice would impact Andrés career by motivating him to incorporate his luscious and silky vocals into his music for all to hear.

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